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Two hosting departments initiated the Delta Facility (DF) during the spring 2009: the Department of Geological Sciences (IGV) in cooperation with the Department of Applied Environmental Science (ITM).

The DF is funded as a core facility of the Faculty of Science (SU) and has a staff of two research engineers with access to the laboratories and instrumentation of the two hosting departments. By this we are able to facilitate access to all necessary equipment for CSIA, as well as knowledge and expertise for advanced isotope analysis and data interpretation.

A self-cost model is applied; the user provides the necessary consumables for the projects and a bench fee, determined by the managers of the laboratories. The DF makes no profit from this.

Steering group
The steering group consists of the four PIs behind the Delta Facility:
Prof. Patrick Crill (chair, IGV)
Prof. Örjan Gustafsson (ITM)
Ass. Prof. Carl-Magnus Mörth (IGV)
Ass. Prof. Christoph Humborg (ITM)

External steering group member
Ass. Prof. Per Andersson (Laboratory for Isotope Geology, Swedish Museum of Natural History)

Henry Holmstrand (Senior Research Engineer and DF manager, Ph.D., ITM)
Anna Hägglund (Junior Research Engineer, B.Sc., IGV)



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