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How it works – in the lab

Submit an application
Submit the application form after having discussed the project with the Delta Facility manager. The application will be granted at the board meeting and time will be allocated for you project.


*Please contact us if your samples have been handled in any lab that has ever been exposed to 14C labeled substances*

Samples for natural abundance 14C measurements are regularly being processed in our labs. We will therefore ask you about the history of your sampling locale and labs to avoid contamination and be able to continue to offer services pertaining to near-natural-background-levels of 14C abundance.


Prepare for you measurements
The Delta Facility applies a self-cost model, therefore consumables (e.g. glassware, solvents and chemicals) are provided by you as part of the regular research project. Thus, such items have to be ordered prior to the stay at the Delta Facility.

Performing the measurements at the Delta Facility
The laboratory work is performed by you with the guidance of Delta Facility staff. It is mandatory that you are present throughout the stay and take part in both sample preparation and analysis.
If the use of the Delta Facility is planned for a longer term, you will have the opportunity to learn the methods used and so work more independently during subsequent stays.

Publishing the results
The aim of the Delta Facility is to increase the competitiveness of SU on the scientific arena. While not a strict requirement, we hope that the data obtained at the Delta Facility will lead to quality publications. The Delta Facility offers co-authorship when significant efforts have gone into methods development or interpretation of data. Otherwise, we appreciate being acknowledged in the publication.



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