Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Delta Facility projects

This is a selection of methods that we work with, and we are continuously exploring new applications for CSIA.

- δ13C and δ2H in terrestrial biomarkers

- Quantification and extraction of methane from seawater, and purification/preparation prior to δ13C, δ2H, and 14C analysis

- δ15N in nitrous gases from incubations using packed-column GC and IRMS

- δ37Cl in methyl chloride (and organochlorines): conversion of organochlorine compounds to methyl chloride for δ37Cl analysis using CF-IRMS by combustion and reaction with methyl iodide

- δ13C in fatty acids: analysis of δ13C in fatty acids from archaeological material (clay pots) to study diet transitions

- δ15N in amino acids: derivatization, quantification in GC-MS and analysis of δ15N using GC-C-IRMS to study trophic levels in biota

- Development of purge-and-trap extraction hyphenated to preparative gas chromatography for isolation of compounds for isotope analysis, e.g. groundwater pollutants

- δ13C and δD in methane, from air and water, including development of instrumentation

- δ13C in chlorophenols: evalutation of the kinetic isotope effect during degradation of pentachloro phenol by peroxidase enzyme

- δ13C in chlorinated groundwater pollutants for accurate constraints on the natural in situ degradation, and calibration of electrical sub-surface tomography

- δ81Br in brominated flame retardants: development and evaluation of GC-multiple collector-ICP-MS for high-precision measurements of δ81Br in polybrominated diphenyl ethers

- Radiocarbon analysis of atmospheric black carbon: developing instrumentation for trapping of CO2 from OC/EC analysis of particular matter on glass-fiber filters

- δ37Cl in organochlorine compounds: development of benchtop GC-quadrupole-MS for high-precision measurements of δ37Cl and cross calibration with Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry (TIMS)

- δ37Cl in organochlorine compounds: improved sample preparation for TIMS measurements using off-line combustion in conjunction with in vacuo distillation of the chloride salt products

- δ81Br in methyl bromide: analysis using GC-multiple collector-ICP-MS for source-and-fate studies of methyl bromide in the ambient troposphere

- Developing capability for multi-dimensional isotope analysis of CO and SO2/SO4 in the atmosphere





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