Wednesday, 16 August 2017
Analytical capabilities

We facilitate analytical capabilities for CSIA only through collaboration with ITM and IGV laboratories (and their research partners). One of the primary tasks of the Delta Facility is to develop and establish new methods to meet the needs of SU researchers. We offer this service so that users can get started quickly. The subsequent measurements are performed according to the established protocol by the users under guidance of the Delta Facility staff.

Applications so far are listed under the Delta Facility Projects tab. Among our general capabilities are:

- The stable isotopes of H, C, N, O, Cl and Br in organic samples on the compound-specific level (less selective levels are also possible)

- Preparations for radiocarbon (i.e. 14-C) analysis on compound-specific, class-specific and bulk-material levels

- Advanced sample preparation for isotope analysis using both gas-phase (e.g. preparative gas chromatography) and liquid-phase (e.g. high-performance liquid chromatography or cross-flow filtration) separation

- Design and construction of preparative inlets to isotope measurement instrumentation




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