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Welcome to the Delta Facility!

We are a core facility funded by the SU Faculty of Science with the mission to help you with method development for isotope measurements. The facility is co-hosted by the Department of Geological Sciences (IGV) and the Department of Applied Environmental Science (ITM) – please find more information under the About tab. Our primary focus is Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA).

Turn to us if you have a specific scientific problem that might be resolved by CSIA isotope data or if you would like to include isotope analysis at the Delta Facility in your research project on a longer term. The knowledge and expertise of the Delta Facility staff of two research engineers is at your service for project planning, method development, analysis and scientific interpretation.

A new GC-IRMS was purchased and installed during fall 2013 to increase the capacity for CSIA at Stockholm University and the number of projects handled through the Delta Facility. The owner consortium consists of PIs from ITM, IGV, INK and ArkLab.

Please browse our site to learn how it works to collaborate with the Delta Facility and what we can do (analytical capabilities and projects).

Contact the Delta Facility manager
Please contact the manager (Henry Holmstrand) to discuss your project if you would like to use the Delta Facility. Our aim is to accept all applications and we will assist in sorting out both scientific aspects and practical matters (timeplan, methods for analysis, project-specific consumables).

Submit an application
Submit the application form after having discussed the project with the Delta Facility manager. The application will be granted at the board meeting and time will be allocated for you project.


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